If they only knew how popular they are at the moment.

It's funny how things work now.  All it took was a simple posting to Facebook by Husson University to make a mama and her ducklings famous, if even just for a day.

Apparently every year a duck will give birth on the campus of Husson University and then eventually proudly prance the young ones around to give both students and staff there a thrill.

This year, the short video that Husson posted went national, with media outlets all across the country knowing that people during the pandemic were starved for a feeling of warmth and good.  Some media outlets like ABC News even set the local video to music creating a mystical sense of calm.

The Husson University ducks may not be as popular as the ones in the children's classic, Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.  Our local feathered heroes aren't immortalized in steel like those in the Boston Public Garden.  But give the folks at Husson University time, and maybe this now yearly occurrence of both local and both pride will someday be worthy of a set of figurines within the bounds of One College Circle.

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