The Class of 2020 always will be special. It's a class whose final year won't be as traditional as those of seniors-past. But, the accomplishment of graduating high school certainly is still cause for celebration, and we have a feeling this class will go on to do some pretty big things.

Let's give this class the recognition it deserves! We're playing some of your senior shout-outs over our airwaves and on our website!

If you want the chance to submit your grad shout-out and get in for the chance at a $50 Amazon Gift Card, check out our submission page 'Send Your Senior Shout-Out to A 2020 Grad'.

Here are some of the shout-outs sent to us to celebrate the graduating seniors of 2020. We'll be adding more as we get them.

Congrats To These 2020 Grads!

We've also received some voice message shout-outs sent through the Z107.3 app.  Check them out!

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