Ready to get "Happy" again Bangor?

On this Throwback Thursday, we want to hop in the time machine and take a trip waaaaay back to the year 2014. Back then you could go to a crowded restaurant, concert, sporting event, shopping mall, bar, park, beach. You name it, you could pretty much do it. Life was good, but obviously the last few months have turned everything upside down. In a word, we were ‘Happy”

"Happy" is a song written, produced, and performed by Pharrell. It was part of the movie “Despicable Me 2” The song was a No. 1 smash in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and like 19 other countries. It sold a ton of copies, it won awards, and it spawned about a million lip sync videos, including the Queen City.

Back in 2014 with "Happy" mania in full swing, it seemed like pretty much the entire city took part in this incredible video.

Check out the list of places & faces that appear

  • Thomas School of Dance
  • Kid Central at Pickering Square
  • Paul Bunyan Statue
  • Thomas Hill Standpipe
  • Bangor City Council
  • John Bapst High School
  • Rock and Art Shop
  • Noh Way Dance Studio
  • The Cross Insurance Center
  • Zanji Studios
  • Bangor City Forest
  • Central Maine Derby
  • Erin's Run
  • Maine Holistic Center
  • Anah Shriners
  • Bangor Roller Derby
  • Little City
  • Hammond Street Senior Center
  • Folk Festival Color Run
  • Bangor Improv Group
  • Bangor Chamber of Commerce
  • Fusion Bangor at Sea Dog
  • Pompeii Pizza
  • Friars' Bakehouse
  • CMD Zebras
  • Hannibal Hamlin Statue
  • Dan Cashman Show
  • Metropolitan Soul
  • Kenduskeag Stream Race
  • City of Bangor
  • Darling's Ice Cream Truck
  • City of Bangor Fire Department
  • Getchell Agency
  • Bangor Public Library
  • 11 Central
  • Pierce Monument
  • Bangor Wine and Cheese
  • ABC/Fox News
  • Nocturnem Draft Haus
  • Bangor Raceway
  • City of Bangor Commission for Cultural Development
  • Bangor Christian Baseball
  • Geaghan's
  • You know you're from Bangor when ...

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