Moxie is the Maine beverage of choice.  Even if you don't like it, you're proud that it's your state's official drink.  I think of it more like an endurance test, like, can your taste buds handle this?

It's a lot like some of the people who grew up living in Maine: bitter, hardly enjoyable and sporting orange.  Ultimately, there is a brut grittiness that lies within the Mainer that this beverage truly personifies.

It is only with pride and a sense of duty that Maine parents give their children Moxie, pretending that it is as enjoyable as other sodas while conditioning your child to tolerate suffering.

It's how we keep them resilient: physically, mentally, emotionally.

If your kids haven't tried Moxie like my kids hadn't, now is your chance to try out the #MoxieChallenge.  Record your children trying it for the first time so we, the adults in Maine who know better, can share in the delight of your children's puckering faces as they endure their Maine rite of passage.

I did it with my kids and this was the results.  Be proud, Maine!

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