We've all tobogganed or sledded down snowy hills.  Maybe you've been able to do that in the past couple of days with our first significant snowfalls this week.  But have you heard of snow canoeing?

Snow canoeing, Canoe Sledding, is the same premise as sledding down a held but you do it in a canoe either by yourself or with a boatload of people and with or without a paddle.  It seems like there's more control with a paddle (that's my tip of the day *wink*).

Check out this adventurous video of snow canoeing that goes beyond what you would expect.  Let's just say the mom in me is screaming, "where are your life vests!!!"

Here are a few more snow canoeing videos, minus the hypothermia inducing lake element.

Nobody was hurt in the making of the next video, according to the YouTube page, which makes it even funnier when someone unexpected appears near the end.

Do you have video of yourself or your friends Snow Canoeing?  Share a link with us in the comments!

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