Something has gotten into Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy and we're here for it. After introducing a new cold brew selection earlier this year, Allen's surprised their most hardcore fans earlier this week with a new twist on an old classic. Instead of drinking Allen's from the classic bottle you're used, how about drinking from a limited-edition Quoddy Lighthouse bottle?

Shared on Facebook by Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy, check out some of the photos that fans sent in who managed to snag one of the 4,800 limited edition lighthouse bottles that have been sprinkled across liquor stores in the state of Maine. It's an impressive looking lighthouse and if you believe some of the commenters on the Facebook post, it's sturdy and made to last.

The design is based on the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec. For fans of that lighthouse, it's the closest they'll get to West Quoddy this season thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. It appears to be the first in a series of classic Maine lighthouse ceramic bottles that will be produced by Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy. They've taken to their Facebook page to ask their followers which lighthouse should be featured next. Unsurprisingly, lots of people have differing opinions.

When the Quoddy Lighthouse bottles are gone, Allen's will announce the next lighthouse in series so fans can prepare. Get ready to see some of these decorating bars across the Pine Tree State.

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