A certain late night talk show host loves to visit the State of Maine!

It's not unusual to have the occasional celebrity sighting around these parts, especially during the summer months, because if you think about it, Maine is the perfect getaway, right?

Imagine if you were just hanging out with your friends at a watering hole on a random weekend night, you look across the bar, and boom, there is one of the biggest stars in showbiz. Well, it has happened a few times, and one guy in particular, seems to have taken a liking to the Pine Tree Stae.

Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to New England. He has been spotted visiting here three times in the last 6 years.

First, in 2017, at Downeast Brewery in Lubec, where he was kicking back, and downing a couple frosty ones with big-time SNL legend, Lorne Michaels.

In 2020, he posted a video from Quoddy Head State Park, at the lighthouse, where he smartly pointed out that it is the easternmost point in the continental United States.

And in 2021, he visited Story Land, in New Hampshire

Since it has been a couple years, you have to think that the odds are solid that he might come back for a visit this summer. In fact, I'd like to personally extend an invitation to you now, Jimmy Fallon

We can take a ride to Bar Harbor (after you co-host the morning show with me course) where you can chow down on a Maine Lobster Roll, then we can hit the town.

Think it over, Jimmy!

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