Which state does it best? One famous cook, and some lobster roll lovers, make the call.

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There isn’t a better treat on the grill than a fresh lobster roll, right? Well, Marc decided to break down the difference between two very different ways of consuming them, in a battle of two states, Maine and Connecticut.

Regular, everyday people have their own opinion as well, there are a bunch of taste test videos, that compare the two. The best one starts with the quote, "One is gross, one is good"

There are a few big differences between the two, so let’s break down the way these two states consume this New England treat:


If the meat is cold, then it’s a Maine lobster roll, baby. Maine lobster rolls are coated with mayonnaise, tarragon, and celery or scallions before it’s piled into a bun. It usually is eaten on a “New England” or “Frankfurter” roll, which is buttered on the outside, and toasted to perfection.


Hold the mayo and bring on the butter people! Folks from Connecticut, prefer a lobster roll served warm, and think that one served cold, is basically a “lobster salad roll.”

Another difference is what you put on it. A Connecticut roll is just a side of melted butter that you use to put on the meat, right before you take the first bite.

Who is right and who is wrong? I guess that is a matter of personal preference, but it makes for a fun debate between two New England states.

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