You know you've come across something magical on the internet, if it makes you want to both dance and cheer and you have no business doing either because you do not possess the basic ability to even walk in a straight line due to your lack of coordination.

But the kids from the Waldron Grove PAC dance team from Arizona have come up with such an outstanding Harry Potter themed routine, that I have literally watched it a dozen times in the last 24 hours, and have caught myself bopping to the beat with each view.

As someone who used to help local cheering and dance teams put together the music for their routines, and someone whose mom is an actual dance teacher, I can say I have nothing but respect for these guys. This is amazing and totally worth watching till the end.

Do we have a dance team in Eastern Maine that's got anything close to this? If so, I wanna know! Send us some video and show us your moves!!

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