Maine actress Nicole Maines is going to debut this week on the CW television show Supergirl, as TV's first transgender superhero! If her name sounds familiar, it's because back in 2014, Nicole and her family won a lawsuit against the Orono school district, which allowed transgender students to use the bathroom of the sex they identified as.

The season premier will be on October 14th, and will feature Maines as the character Nai Nal. She begins working at the same media company company as Kara Danvers, where Danvers makes Nal her protege. The season will unfold with all sorts of surprises in one form or other. you'll have to watch the show if you want to know all about it!

In an interview she did earlier this summer with, Maines described what life might have been like for her growing up if there were a transgender superhero for her to aspire to.

First and foremost, had I had a trans superhero growing up, that would have changed the game, and so now, getting to be the trans superhero for a generation of kids is so special to me. … I just hope that everyone watching this show is going to get to love Nia as much as I do because she is so cool. She’s sweet. She’s caring. She’s got this fierce drive to her and this intensity, and she’s so amazing, and I just really hope that I’m doing her justice.

Maines eventually moved to Portland, where she ended up finishing high school, and briefly attended UMO before relocating to Vancouver, British Columbia where the show is currently being filmed. Upcoming projects for Maines include a role in a comedy-horror film called "Bit", which will be released sometime in 2019.

In the meantime, remember that Nicole's debut on Supergirl happens on October 14th on the CW. The specific channel number will depend on what service provider, if any, you have for your home. But...regardless. One of our own, from right here in Maine is headed toward the Big Time. So let's all show her some love from her good, old home state of Maine.

Check out the trailer for this season here!

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