The toddler who was seriously injured when his mother stepped in front of an fuel tanker on Interstate 95 near Lincoln is recovering, but would like to hear from well-wishers.

Enoch, 2, is being hospitalized for injuries he suffered when his mother, Heidi McGovern, 26, of Lee, committed suicide by stepping in front of an fuel tanker while holding the boy on Oct. 4. Enoch survived the impact after being thrown clear into the passing lane.

Enoch is in fair condition at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor. A hospital spokeswoman said cards or packages may be sent to:

Enoch McGovern
Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center
489 State Street
Bangor, ME 04401

Heidi McGovern's obituary lists a GoFundMe page for the family as a means of support in lieu of flowers.

That obituary also suggests the young mother was pregnant at the time of her death.

 "Heidi had so much in store here on earth, yet, she made this decision and God lovingly extended His hand, welcoming her and her precious unborn baby to His eternal Heavenly home," reads the obituary.

McGovern reportedly left suicide notes behind at her home.

While the family deals with the tragedy, young Enoch is recovering. Below is a video posted to Facebook of Enoch playing games in his hospital bed.

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