Kids of all ages, it's time to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday!

This Saturday night, July 31 from 7 pm–10 pm, there will be a free "Wands and Wizards" Event at Selfie Space, located at 54 Wilson Street in Brewer, at the Creative Center Arts Building.

In honor of Harry Potter's birthday, there will be fire dancers performing, there will be vendor tables outside in the parking lot and inside the building. Lots of free activities for families, and since it is at Selfie Space, a bunch of photo opportunities.

July 31, 1980, is the official birthday of this beloved fictional character, created so memorably by J.K. Rowling, so grab your wand, hop on your broomstick, and don't miss this party.

Dress up in your best Harry Potter attire and enjoy all the fun. Best of all, the forecast for Saturday night is perfect, as it will be mostly clear and the low will be a comfy 53 degrees.

Food, games, activities, and live entertainment await you for free this Saturday night. Get your Harry Potter on in Brewer, from 7 pm-10 pm

If you don't know about Selfie Space, it is perfect if you have a friend who takes the same selfie, in the same place, every single day. alternative for them, and some relief for you. Now you can snap selfies in all sorts of different environments, and backgrounds. It is a fun way to switch up those boring old pics you post on social media.

Here is a behind the scenes look at this fun new business in Brewer

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