The pandemic has changed how a lot of us are shopping and one of those things that you may be doing a lot more than you used to is ordering dinner online to pick up or get delivered to your home.

This concept isn't a new one. I mean how long have local pizza places been delivering their goods? Decades! But, it's now commonplace to be able to order your meal online from a local restaurant. I prefer to order this way because I can take my time looking at the menu, gathering everyone's order, and pay all without taking up the time of someone else. It helps communicate most clearly, I think, to ensure I get exactly what I want of the meal I'm ordering.

But, one thing that I sometimes get caught up in is the tip. I understand when I go eat at a restaurant, I tip the waiter or waitress because they are bringing me my dinner and making sure I have everything I need for a great experience at their restaurant. But, when you do online ordering and pick up at the store, which is pretty much how me and my family "eat out," you'll see a tip option and I'm not sure what's expected of me there.

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I've recently been told that the tip amount goes to the person who collects and packages up your order. One person specifically mentioned that it was for hosts or hostesses and I can see how a waiter or waitress could be involved in compiling all of my items for my online order. I'm still kind of clueless as to what to tip because it's not like I know beforehand the quality of my meal or that everything is there or if I'm missing something. It would be great to be able to tip after I get my meal and bring it home.

It's just another thing about our modern society that has been really amplified by the presence of the pandemic. What are your thoughts? Do you tip when ordering food online? Vote in the poll below.

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