Are you looking for a new book to check out?

It just wouldn’t be summer in the state of Maine, if there wasn’t a brand new page-turner from Bangor’s most famous son, the master himself, Stephen King. This book seems like a bit of a departure from his normal fare, but it also looks like a great read for a day at the beach, or just chilling out in your backyard.

The folks at Simon & Schuster books recently had Stephen King read some passages from his latest novel called "Billy Summers". The setting for this preview is perfect, as he sits outside on a windy Maine summer day, with some wind chimes thrown into the mix for good measure.

“Billy Summers” will be available for you to enjoy, beginning Tuesday, August 3rd.

The title character of Billy Summers is a hitman, and an Iraq war veteran, who just when he is about to retire, is suddenly sucked back into that world again, for just one more job to catch the bad guy. Things of course, naturally escalate from there. The crime/thriller type of feel of the book and plotline is a little different from the world of horror, but just reading the very basic description of what it is all about, it looks like a fantastic new novel.

I was not aware that they now make movie-type trailers for books, but, it is Stephen King after all. Check it out. And come next Tuesday, happy reading!

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