The pandemic seems like a perfect topic for the master of horror

It is no secret that Bangor's own Stephen King is a very outspoken person about pretty much everything. He has been very critical of not only former President Donald Trump, but also as a part-time resident in the Sunshine State of Florida, he has had some choice words for Governor Ron DeSantis, and his handling of the current explosion of Covid-19 cases there. "Not The Brightest Bulb In The Chandelier" was one quote.

So, when he appeared on ABC's The View, which airs daily on WVII, he expressed some frustration over some of the misinformation that is being spread around social media. In fact, he plans to write a book about on the subject. One can only wonder what the exact plot of that will be about. Time will tell.

He was also on the show to promote his latest "Billy Summers" The novel is the story of a hitman, and an Iraq war veteran, who just when he is about to retire, is suddenly sucked back into that world again, for just one more job to catch the bad guy. Things of course, naturally escalate from there. The crime/thriller type of feel of the book and plotline is a little different from his usual fare, but as always, it is a perfect hit the beach, page-turner.

The folks at Simon & Schuster books recently had Stephen King read some passages from the book, while he was chilling outside on a windy Maine summer day, with some wind chimes thrown into the mix for good measure.

Stephen King Through The Years

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