We all love our beloved kitties!  So, it's only appropriate to celebrate their New Years Day today, January 2nd, AKA Mew Year's Day!

According to DaysOfTheYear. com, the day is a way to acknowledge our little felines and consider adopting:

... this is the perfect time to spoil your cat with fish and all sorts of other cat delicacies, but if not…


Help reduce the amount of pets euthanized waiting for their “furever” home by adopting an abandoned cat! As you’re welcoming in the New Year into your life, won’t you consider opening your heart and your home to a new four-legged friend as well?


The website goes on to tell you why kitties are so loveable and why you should have one:

They always seem to know the right time to cuddle, when you’re feeling sad or lonely. They’re graceful and beautiful and just a pleasure to watch. They groom constantly, making their fur silky smooth to the touch… There are so many reasons to adopt a cat into your home!

Let's give our little puff balls a little attention by sharing our photos and videos of our four pawed loved ones.  Here's a pic of my kitty Stella.  She's much bigger now but, be still my heart!

Credit: Sarah Nickerson via Facebook
Credit: Sarah Nickerson via Facebook

Here's some videos for your enjoyment!  If you have your own pics or video of your cute little cuddlies, share them in the comments.

If you are looking for a little Stella of your own, visit the Bangor Humane Society cat page to see who could be your feline companion.


Here's a video of a little Maine cat action.


The crazy crap you can buy your purrrfect pet on Amazon.


And just funny cats doing funny things.

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