She was all about that bass years ago but she's become much more than just her bass now..... like, hows about that 2016 Grammy, ya'll?

Credit: MeghanTrainorVEVO via YouTube
Credit: MeghanTrainorVEVO via YouTube

Yeah.  That one.

We wanted to take a look back at Meghan's top songs to celebrate this New England native's 24th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Meghan!!


  • 1

    I'm A Lady

  • 2

    Dear Future Husband

  • 3

    Lips Are Moving

  • 4

    Better When I'm Dancin'

  • 5

    Me Too

  • 6


  • 7

    I'm Gonna Lose You feat. John Legend

  • 8

    All About That Bass

    This video is at a mere 2.16 billion views, btw.

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