The Maine Department of Transportation has released information about upcoming bridge work in the Hampden will be working this year to replace eight bridges along I-95 in Hamden in a four mile stretch at mile markers 176 and 180.  Bridges span the following areas:

  • I-95 over Souadabscook Stream
  • I-95 over Emerson Mills Road
  • Cold Brook Road over I-95

It is expected that all four lanes of traffic will be open during the duration of this work but, please be mindful of the work areas and reduce speed to 55 miles per hour when entering these bridge work zones.

These bridges are nearing the end of their useful lives and the work is timely in order to create sustaining infrastructure for these roadways.

Night work is set to begin February 26th with minimal impact on traffic.  Work is set to begin first on the northbound lane then will move to the southbound lane.

Expect a long process with a projected completion date of November 30, 2022.

For more information, check out the Maine Department of Transportation website.

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