I don't know about when you were a kid, but when I was a kid, Halloween was a big deal. Not only was it a time to get lots of treats and candy that you wouldn't normally get to eat, but it was a chance to visit with friends and neighbors, and walk around your neighborhood AS a neighborhood! It wasn't so much about the scary, but rather spooky and silly. (A sentiment that seems to have changed over the years. Its all about the scary these days!)

One year, it snowed so much we had to wear our snowsuits over our costumes. But we didn't care. Another year, I remember loading into the back of a pickup truck, as a friend's dad drove us stop to each stop (you couldn't do that anymore-gotta love being a kid of the 80's!). We'd pour out of that truck and laugh the whole way up the driveway as we raced to see who could make it to the doorbell first. Its only natural we'd want to pass that feeling down to our kids, right!?

When I became a mom, I couldn't wait to help my children pick out costumes and create that spooky yet fun atmosphere that surrounds the Halloween holiday. At my house, we always make a big pot of soup, have a kids Halloween movie playing on the TV, and invite all of our friends and neighbors by to warm up, fill up, and come out and about with us. We get the grandparents involved with leading the kids around the neighborhood or handing out the candy. It allows everyone to share in that fun feeling that surrounds Halloween.

What do you remember most about Halloween? How do you and your family make memories these days?

Here are a few pictures I had kicking around from when I was a kid (the first two) and then of my kids through the years (so far!).

Lets see yours!