Freeform's grown-ish is more than just another primetime spinoff. It's a brilliantly funny sitcom that tackles the woes of adulthood from a collegiate POV. In this case, Zoey Johnson is our protagonist, the lens through which we live — or relive for some of us — college life.

Before waving goodbye to Dre, Bow, Junior, Diane, Jack, DeVonte and her standing Tuesday-night TV spot on black-ish, the intelligent, fashion-forward 18 year old (played by the equally intelligent Yara Shahidi) thought she knew it all. In fact, Zoey summed up her entire high school experience with the following eight words: “I came, I saw, I mastered this bitch.” But like most teenagers on the brink of independence, Zoey was in for a rude awakening the moment set foot on the University of California's idyllic campus.

Smacked in the face with a dose of what life is like when your parents aren’t there to dictate your every move, Zoey struggles as she learns how to deal with sex, drugs, school and relationships (of all kinds) on her own. But with a clever delivery and hilariously written script, Zoey and her cohort never let viewers walk away from an episode without learning a lesson— or five.

From juggling two boys at one time to figuring out how to set an alarm clock to make it to class in time, here are 18 life lessons we've learned from far.

Grown-ish/ABC Studios
Grown-ish/ABC Studios

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