Last week we asked you to tell us the weirdest WiFi network names you've ever come across. Needless to say, you did not disappoint. While we couldn't include a few of the names you shared with us for fear that we'd have our mouths washed out with soap, here are some that did make the cut. And can we just say, they're kind of amazing!

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Here are just a few of these weirdest WiFi network names that made us chuckle!

Skye Curtis “Mom click here”
Mariah Marceron We have Mar-a-Lago and Trump Tower next door
Russell Spittle FBI Staging
Gretchen Bull I live in Old Town and college students rent a house by our home and their internet used to be: Trap House

Lorie Smith My neighbors is "not the fbi" lol

Sheila Vile Undercover van #7
Sam Cro 2 Girls, One Router........had this since 2015 on all routers ive owned
Brittany Leigh Baker How do you even change the name lol
Rachel Bond Shortbread393 lol
Stephanie Howe Dontdoityoullhaveavirus
Moose Savoy Those Stoners Next Door With The Zoo, Get Off My Wifi
Brenna Elisabeth “Bangor police surveillance van” while at a stoplight on Broadway.
Brian Gee ‘Log on here for viruses’ is my home network.
Nicole Violette One of my neighbors is called "panicatthecisco" lol
Shannon Bean IPsteinDidntKillHimself
Tracy Ann Quillia Mine is Classylemon ??? Who comes up with these things
Robert Garner One of my old names was IthurtswhenIP
Mike Sharperson Wiley Skynet
Crystal O'Bar-Pinto Mine is MDEA

Gary Neptune I’ve always used FBI surveillance van!

Colleen Emmons One close to work says "Yell p*nis for password" lol
Ann Marquis Sendnudzforpassword 
Kim Smith So many funny ones. Somewhere I used to walk had Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo WiFi

Weirdest WiFi Networks


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