The Bangor Humane Society published a post to Facebook on Monday not only to meet a few of their kittens up for adoption but to start the week off right with the cutest, sweetest trio that you didn't know you needed on a Monday.

Not only did the Bangor Humane Society introduce us to these three special kitties but they have taken the Bangor area and social media by storm with their cuteness.

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This lovely trio is Dream, Destiny and Devine and they truly are three very special kitties needing to be adopted right now at the Bangor Humane Society. The kittens are 8-month-old sisters and are considered blind or visually impaired.

Danielle Travers

When adopted, they will taken together because they rely so much on each either that they need to stay together. They've grown up together and share the same special conditions and we love everything about this fantastic trio.

Due to their visual deficiencies, it is advised that they need a calm and quiet home together so they can stay their happy, adorable selves. Too much noise makes them scared and we can not bring that into the world of these lovelies.

We know that everybody wants to take them home and give them all the loves and security but, these kitties need the best home for these special kitties and to be adopted by a caretaker who can establish a vet relationship for the care of these love bugs.

Bangor Humane Society via Facebook, Danielle Travors


Things are a little different when caring for kitties with vision loss.  Take a look at this list of tips from, if you are looking to adopt these sweeties and what to take into consideration to care best for their special needs.

Bangor Humane Society via Facebook, Danielle Travors

Are you that person with the perfect home and caring disposition to take care of these super special kittens? Call the Bangor Humane Society at  207-942-8902 or email the Bangor Humane Society at

We know this special trio will go fast because everybody needs this adorableness in their homes everyday so, congratulations to Dream, Destiny and Devine on your future forever home, ladies :)

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