Belfast is ready to do some spring cleaning and you can help.

The 4th Annual clean up day is scheduled for this Saturday as a way to continue 'Keeping Belfast Maine Beautiful'.

The main day for the clean up event is this coming Saturday, May 8th, where anybody who wants to clean up and get some exercise for the morning will meet up by Front Street at the parking lot. Things start getting going at 9 AM and the event is planned for two hours of beautification.

If you want to help but can't do it on Saturday, you can coordinate with the Belfast Parks and Rec Department to select a stretch of road to clean from Thursday through Saturday to still help out.

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Volunteers will be assigned areas to clean up as well as be given some special cleaning gear, including a t-shirt, some cones and other supplies.

The City of Belfast are looking for individuals, families and teams to help out with roadside clean up with a free thank you cookout to be provided to volunteers.

Currently, the forecast is looking at a possibility of rain showers but the Belfast Parks and Rec seemed to already have Sunday, May 9th as the rain date. So, if things aren't looking great once we get closer to Saturday plan on Sunday, which looks, as of right now, to be the better of the two weekend days.

If you would like to take park give the Belfast Parks and Rec a call on Friday at 338-3370 ext. 127 or you can email the Belfast Parks and Rec Department at

More information about the cleanup can be directed to Debbie (email is or John Gibbs (207-323-2629).

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