Now that we can only leave our homes for "essential" trips, like picking up food or medicine, it's important to make those trips count. It's also important to do our part to be safe, while we're shopping. Pre-planning will not only help you to lower your risk of contracting Covid-19, it will also help you keep others safe while you're out and about.

Rebecca Loops is a YouTube vlogger. She also happens to work in a grocery store. She recently put together a video with some simple tips to get you in and out of the store a little quicker and safer than usual.

And don't forget, once you've gotten all the things on your list, you'll want to make sure to properly clean the groceries, bags and boxes you've picked up. If you haven't already checked out one doctor's tutorial on how to disinfect these things, check our recent post on how to do that here. 

Good luck and stay safe!


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