Ready to hit the beach for some sun & fun?

Usually right around Memorial Day weekend, Old Orchard Beach is totally packed and hopping. Tourists come from all over to enjoy all the sights, sounds, and fun that a little time chillin' by the Atlantic Ocean has to offer.

Things are definitely different this year with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pier, the live music, and the amusement rides aren't currently operating, but you can still enjoy a slice of Bill's Pizza (which is something I always do on my yearly visits.) And most importantly, you can throw a towel down in the sand and set up camp to soak up some rays, take a dip in the water, or take a scenic walk down the beach.

As of Wednesday, May 27, Old Orchard Beach has announced that they are now welcoming guests for general use. Of course this comes with a number of stipulations.This means that everyone who heads to the beach must be aware of social distancing guidelines. Setting a good example of keeping a minimum of 6 feet away from folks that you are not visiting OOB with, and also keeping the number of people in your group to 10 persons or less, will go a long way towards making sure that everyone has an enjoyable, and most importantly, safe experience.

For a complete breakdown of everything you need to know before you go, the town of Old Orchard Beach Municipal Information Facebook page has posted complete information.

If you forgot just how gorgeous OOB is, these drone videos will remind you instantly!

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