A blast from the past could be returning to the area.

Ames formally announced on its X page (the artist formerly known as Twitter), that June 2026 is the new scheduled opening date for new Ames locations. As of right now, the plan is to open 35 locations across the United States by late 2027, including New England, with plans to add more locations during 2028.

Here is what the site is promising:

  • 7 Distribution Centers will open near Ames locations to handle deliveries.
  • Same great prices, better quality.
  • Ames Cafe will be available at all 35 locations.
  • New Ames website will allow Online Ordering & Home Delivery.
  • Click & Collect will be available from participating locations.
  • Plans for a Pharmacy have been submitted at participating locations.

Many of us in the Bangor area remember the fateful day of August 14, 2002, when Ames announced that 327 stores would close due to bankruptcy.

But will Ames really be back? If you cruise on over to their website, sure enough, the announcement is there. But is it just a prank? Or a hoax?

If it turns out they would return to the Bangor area again, is this something that would be a welcome addition? First things first, it would not be located in the same spot as it was all those years ago since TJ Maxx currently resides in that building in the Broadway Shopping Center.

So the other question to ask, is where could it be located? Hogan Road? Stillwater Avenue? Maybe Brewer?

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