A blast from the past could be returning to the area in 2023...Do you want it back?

In a post that was shared many times on social media, The Molyneux Group announced that the iconic Ames Department store chain will return after 21 years, with new stores coming to the United States in the spring of next year.

Many of us in the Bangor area remember the fateful day of August 14, 2002, when Ames announced that 327 stores would close due to bankruptcy.

At first, some thought this was some sort of prank, but sure enough, if you cruise on over to their website and sure enough, the announcement is there.

If it turns out they would return to the Bangor area again, is this something that would be a welcome addition? First things first, it would not be located in the same spot as it was all those years ago since TJ Maxx currently resides in that building in the Broadway Shopping Center.

So the other question to ask, is where could it be located? Hogan Road? Stillwater Avenue? Maybe Brewer?

Shopping certainly is a whole different animal in 2022. Amazon, Walmart, and Target pretty much dominate, but from strictly a nostalgia point of view, you have to admit that it would be pretty awesome to have Ames back!

For sure, there is quite a bit of love for the store. In fact, there are several Facebook groups devoted to Ames, ranging from former employees to fans of the chain.

Ames Store Alumni

Ames Department Store Survivors

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