You will love this blast from Bangor's past!

On Wednesday, we asked a pretty simple question on Facebook, "Name a former Bangor area business you loved, that ages you." Boy, oh boy did we get some great responses.

There were so many comments, that we broke them down into three categories. They are all listed by food & restaurants, bars & nightclubs, and stores.

Thanks to everyone who responded. These places may gone, but they are certainly not forgotten! If you hvae one that didn't make the list, feel free to share it with us,

Food & Restaurants

Misty Beylerian
Napoli pizza!!

Kelley Tarr Dunton
Italian Village

Kimberly Daigle
Pilot's Grill, Miller's

Stephanie White Grass
Murphy's Steak House

Matt Pulley
Whig and Courier

Randy Allard
Dana's grill

Helga Gewürztraminer
I spent 14 years working at Captain Nicks. George and Kim treated me like family. So many great memories. How about Pilots Grill!

Breanne Napolitano
Miller’s Buffet!

Christina Simons
Sings!! Pilots grill

Gary Neptune
York Steak House in the Mall

Shannon Bean
I was an itty bitty kid but I have vague memories of Colonial House of Pancakes and being so excited to go there

Michaela Deshane
Verve burrito

Jason Tkacs
Spanky's Pizza

Stacy Hersom
Weathervane that was in Brewer! I miss their salmon

Wendy Pelletier
King Sub up in Hudson

Vonnie Colpitts
Sings ~~Chinese restaurant

Sarah Libbey
I miss Nicky’s Cruise In Dinner

Heather Jones

Jessie Jackson
Lemon Tree on center street

Carol Allen
The Chuck Wagon best onion rings ever!

Jolynn Sullivan
Flying Dog downtown Bangor about 1981

Cheryl Wood
M&M Coffee Shop

Keely Lawson
Bugaboo steakhouse

Heather Jones
Paul’s restaurant

Heather Gray Campbell

Star Sapphire
Arby's just down the road from Sizzler. Oh and *insert food court name here*

Adam Olmstead
The real answer is Smokey Bones

Heather Gray Campbell

Matt Pulley
Weeks Ice Cream

Cheryl Burke DeHate
Ho Sai Guy,Veazie,and Oronok

Molly Tyler
Mama Baldacci’s

Kimberly Tobias
The Coffee Pot

Paula Nash
Pizza dome in Orono

Mark Owens
Whig, Epi’s I miss the food lunch spots

Jill Cloukey Smith
Momma Baldacci’s was awesome!

Bars & Nightclubs

Corinne O'Brien
Miami North!

Trina Dorion

Bernadette York
Nashville North, Stacey's, Bounty, Showring.

Jackie Leonard
Bounty Tavern good 'ol chem free nights

Wallace Kelley Fenlason

Dale Basher
Finnegan’s, El Cheapos, River Front Pub, the Dime, Yanni’s Pizza, The Bounty, Rena’s, the Roxy, Studio 2000, Babes, The Shuffle Inn, and the original Pepino’s on Main St.
just to name a few…


Thom Osborne
Record Town!

Kat Walls

Jim Murphy

Karol Norwood
Mr Paperback

Marie Hutchinson

Yvette Akoa
Ames in old town where the trampoline park is now.

Thom Osborne
What? No one’s mentioned Westgate Cinema?

Anita Louise McCormick
The Grasshopper Shop

Richard Quinn
Service Merchandise.

Sarah McMorrow Brooks
Laverdieres, riches, zayres..

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