15 miles of holiday lights which includes about 180,000 bulbs strung out over 5 acres, is a pretty impressive display by anyone's standards, even if your last name is Grinch.

We were happy to see that the annual Gardens Aglow event in the wonderful town of Boothbay, Maine, is a go for this year, even if it's just one little victory in a year that has been filled with what seems like has been nothing but bad news.

Boothbay is about a two hour drive from Bangor, and for the past five years Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens has presented Gardens Aglow, an innovative and one of the largest holiday displays in the state.

Every year prior has seen thousands of spectators walk throughout the grounds, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year folks will drive throughout the display over a new route while enjoying it within the warm and cushy comfort of their very own vehicle.

Gardens Aglow-A Driving Event will run from November 21st until January 2, 2021, between 4:30 and 8:30 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays.  Advanced Tickets are $40 per vehicle, and you print them out online and present them at the gate.  You'll have to arrive at the time printed on your ticket. Cars will arrive every 15 minutes.  No tickets are being sold at the gate, so make sure you use the online service so you don't drive way down there for nothing.

When you're done with Gardens Aglow be sure to take advantage of where you are and check out the sights, shops and other holiday displays throughout Boothbay Harbor.

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