A community event has been coordinated to help a local boy fundraise for a very special canine companion.

Calvin is a 3-year-old boy who has Dravet Syndrome.  This diagnosis requires constant supervision that could be greatly eased with the addition of a trained seizure dog, a companion that can always be by his side.

The event is actually a combination of events that include a 5k run, a nature walk and a 1 mile fun run. The fundraiser will also include games, face painting, food and mingling with your neighbors. It will start Saturday, August 25th at 9 A.M. starting at the Center Street School in Orrington.

The addition of this dog would allow Calvin more independence from his caregivers, allowing him to play in the other room or allow Calvin to go swimming with his friends and money raised will go towards getting the trained dog as well as training for the family on how to have such a special new family member.

For more information about the event and other ways that you can help, check out this link.

For more information about Calvin's condition, check out the Dravet Syndrome Foundation's website.

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