A little more than a week until school starts. Where does the time go?

Mom says:

 “Hey kids.  Let’s go do something fun before we can’t because it’s a school night”

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But Mom is really thinking "I can't wait until school starts", as the kids say:

"Gee Mom you always are looking out for us and making memories for us, and doing fun stuff. We love you."

On Monday night, outside and in person at Challenger Learning Center of Maine, there will be fun for the whole family with a stargazing public event  It is fun learning the basics of successful stargazing. And it’s something that will stay with you through your lifetime.

The event takes place in the Challenger parking lot, 30 Venture Way in Bangor. Arrive anytime after 7:30 this Monday night the 23rd. The event begins at 7:50 PM if skies are clear.  The ‘all systems go’ announcement will be on the Challenger website.  If there is too much cloudiness they will try on Tuesday.

The Moon, Planets, Constellations, and your family.

We are big fans of the Challenger Learning Center and if you are too, and are currently a Maine college student in Education or STEM-related fields and would be interested in a paid intern part-time position, here’s the link to apply

Who knows, you might be part of the program for a future event.

Photo, konglinguang, ThinkStock
Photo, konglinguang, ThinkStock

Here is a future event hosted by Challenger Learning Center. It’s their 3rd Shredding Event, which will take place Saturday, September 11th from 8 a.m. until Noon.  It may be a good exercise to rip up single pieces of paper with your bare hands, but life is short.  You can have all your sensitive documents shredded without getting out of your car.  Yes, Records Management will be on hand to take the boxes of paper out of your trunk and shred everything safely and securely.

The shredding event is a fundraiser for Challenger Learning and charitable cash donations in any amount are very much appreciated.

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