You know we love a good celebrity sighting story.

First, actor Patrick Dempsey stopped at a grocery store in Holden on his way to Ellsworth. Now it turns out David Schwimmer of "Friends" fame was recently spotted at the Bangor International Airport (above), where he was cool enough to stop and take a photo with Z listener Ashley Parker on Friday.

Now, we also have it on good authority that Schwimmer was spotted at Dennett's Wharf in Castine this week. Seems the actor/director is spending some time on the Maine coast. What better place to be in July?

Of course we loved Schwimmer as nice-guy Ross in "Friends," but have you seen him in the new AMC series "Feed the Beast?" Check it out. 

Hope you enjoy (or enjoyed ... if you're already gone) your time in Maine!

Oh, and if you somehow missed his rap battle with James Corden and Rebel Wilson, take a look below.

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