We're talking a whole pizza, not a slice!


Pizza Hut wants to acknowledge 2020 graduates and all they've accomplished and all they've had to give up. Nothing says, 'Way to go!' like pizza...free pizza!


This one topping medium pizza offer is good through May 28th OR when they run out of supplies! So, hop on this offer. You need a Hut Rewards account. Heck, if they wanted me to build an actual hut, I'd do it for pizza!

Pizza Hut / Facebook
Pizza Hut / Facebook

I know that it's been a really weird 2020, and kudos to all the companies and small businesses and people who are trying to make it better. We know that we will get through this, but boy - some free pizza makes it even better!

Blah, blah, blah, - how do I get my FREE PIZZA HUT PIZZA? It's easy. Oh and no purchase necessary. But if you are a graduate, this pizza is yours - have everyone else get their own.



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