CrossFit Bangor knows we are in the beginning of a new year and may have created a resolution to eat better.  Or maybe this has been a goal for a while but now you feel inspired to act on your goal.

The fitness center, whose physical location is on Perry road in Bangor, wants to help you out virtually by offering a free Family Nutrition webinar to help you meet your resolution goals, but really, to help you learn more about nutrition and its benefits for a healthier lifestyle.

This Sunday, you can take part in the free webinar from the comfort of your own home through ZOOM.  The hour long webinar will start at 10 AM and give you the tips and tricks you need to create healthier habits.

The goal is to create a healthier lifestyle with simplicity and awareness of its impact on better living.  It's goal is also to influence those that prepare meals for a family and is directly responsible for the nutrition consumed by their family.

Nutrition coaches from CrossFit Bangor will be hosting the online event and will be focusing on family nutrition that creates a lasting impact for long term changes. This webinar is open to anyone looking to add nutrition and healthy eating to their priorities in the new year.


Register to be a part of the Zoom webinar by visiting the Meeting Registration page for the event, which will include registering your name and email.

For more information about this event or to inquire about the event, check out CrossFit Bangor's event page 'Family Nutrition Talk' on Facebook.

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