Today only, Wednesday the 24th, and only between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm.

You or someone you know. Think about someone and send them a note, or this article.

The free clothing giveaway will be held at Bangor Housing Community Center/Gym located at 161 Davis Road in Bangor.

Take a bag, and fill it up.

Clothing and shoes, baby through adult sizes and some household items. Mostly it is women's and girls' clothing, but not exclusively.

Bangor Housing Facebook
Bangor Housing Facebook

And Bangor Housing says they can not accept donations for this event. But maybe next time they do this, they’ll reach out and let us know and we all can donate some clothing that can get passed onto someone more in need of it than we are.

There seem to be more and more people falling behind and they need our help to give them a hand up. Think about what a new-to-them pair of nice pants and a new-to-them button-up shirt means to someone who is trying to get a new job, or just is struggling to get by.

And also those that can’t keep up with the costs involved with growing children.

Help when you can with donations.

And help if you know of someone who could take advantage of this offer from Bangor Housing today.

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