A Reddit user posed an interesting question about drive-thru lines.

Have you ever been annoyed at a line that stretches out in the street, when you are passing by a Dunkin', or the massive amount of cars that always seem to be at the Chick-fil-A at the Bangor Mall?

When this question was posted, people had plenty of opinions on the subject.

Should there be a law to stop this, or is this just much ado about nothing?

We need some law about Dunkin Donuts/Starbucks drive thrus.

Just drove past the Dunkin Donuts in Saco and traffic was a nightmare because the drive thru line was backed out into the street. I think its kind of ridiculous that people can just fu!@k up traffic because they need their dunks. I've seen this problem at many Dunkin Donuts!


It would be fine if there were some sort of turning lane. In the peak of summer, I think it’ll still be a bit of a nightmare even WITH a turning lane, but what isn’t? But as it is now, it is just so congested and people drive so aggressively… I’m honestly shocked there aren’t more accidents. I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands every time I leave my house between Memorial and Labor Day.


Masshole here. Sounds like they should make it very expensive to park downtown or at the beaches if your license plate ends in "assachusetts".


Blocking a thru lane of traffic is usually already against the law. People are just rude.


Cries in Bangorian who gets to deal with the "pleasure" of Chick-Fil-A traffic.


I've seen the Chick Fil A line to be easily forty cars deep. Yeah the chicken sandwich and lemonade are good, but bro I ain't getting in a forty car line for it.


Just park and go inside. It takes like 5 minutes.


Funny you mention that. From last week, the line was so deep around inside Chick Fil A's own lot that people who had gone inside couldn't back out of a spot because of it. Some guy was outside his car yelling at cars to part, but they weren't. Real mess.


·Yeah it's one of those things where no cop wants to be the jerk writing an expensive ticket for someone getting a cup of coffee...and some citizen will react poorly to getting a ticket...but this is how accidents happen and people get hurt.


Honestly it just seems more and more police want to selectively enforce laws.
Seriously in my town they could do some good enforcing red lights but no


They need to put a “do not enter” sign at the new drive thru so people don’t drive around the back of the store that way and almost smash someone else head on like I saw almost happen the other day.


It also doesn't help that a lot of them are understaffed and people are placing huge orders.


Or, and hear me out on this one, maybe people could get out of their car and go into the store.


Not always possible. Many lobbies are closed due to staffing issues. I can name a few local DD, Chipotle, and a KFC that do this.


I blame the people who keep adding to the line. Move along, you dont need dunkins THAT bad. I never once thought to myself “i am okay waiting 20 minutes in line for a coffee”

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