Ten Bucks Theatre is bringing the classic Shakespearian play 'Macbeth' to the historical grounds of Fort Knox starting August 2nd.

The play is a quintessential play for any theater lover and runs on the following premise, as described by the Facebook event:

Macbeth, a warrior hero and favorite of the king encounters 3 witches who prophesize his future. Between his own ‘vaulting ambition’ and being goaded on by his zealous wife, Macbeth leaves behind loyalty to king and country and embarks on a path of treason, destruction and murder.

The 10 Bucks Theatre is a local theater company that was started in 2000 and is focused on creating high quality shows at affordable pricing.

Tickets are $10 and available at Fort Knox.

There are four performances scheduled that all start at 6 P.M. and end at 8 P.M.:

  • Thursday, August 2nd
  • Friday, August 3rd
  • Saturday, August 4th
  • Sunday, August 5th

Be sure to bring chairs or blankets and a picnic!

To stay updated with the event, be sure to follow the event on Facebook.

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