If you're looking for UFOs, don't go to Area 51, come to Wyoming. A video showing a fleet of mysterious lights hovering over Casper went viral.

"They look like (air) crafts," one eyewitness told The Hidden Underbelly. "They flew clear over the horizon out of sight but they were completely silent and they were pretty close. I figured if they were drones I would have heard the propellers but I have no idea what it was."

Several UFO investigators commented on the video after it was published Friday night.

"I wanted to debunk this video because I'm a top-notch skeptic that doubts about 99.9% of these kinds of videos," Janson Gander said. "However, I think you've captured one of the authentic events going on. I can't argue against this one. Congrats on being among the 0.01% that actually catch a real event."

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recent study crowned Wyoming as the top state in the country for UFO sightings. Oddsmakers documented 2,854 sightings in Wyoming since 1940; estimating the chances of seeing a UFO in the Cowboy State at one in 20,500. 15 unidentified flying objects were documented in the state of Wyoming last year, according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

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