The Prettiest Theme Park in New England

Canobie Lake Park is truly a special place with over 100 rides there's something for every member of the family, big or small, and something for all levels of thrill-seekers. The park is located in Salem, New Hampshire, and, as the name states, is on the beautiful Canobie Lake.

Last Season

2020 bought a delayed and limited season to New Hampshire's lakeside theme park. Canobie Lake Park opened more than two months later in the season than normal and at only 25% capacity with face coverings required. Expect big changes for the 2021 season.

Opening Day 2021

Canobie Lake Park announced that they will reopen their park doors on Saturday, May 29th this year. They will still be requiring reservations as they are capping the number of daily visitors. As of May 11th, that is the only COVID-era requirement. Other than that, they do strongly recommend face coverings, social distancing, and hand sanitizing.

All rides will be open and operating on opening day and rides will be at full capacity and increased cleaning and sanitation will be practiced.

Get all the details and plan your trip to Canobie Lake Park here!

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