Mark your calendars for what's being called a "Celebration of all things Winter!"

The Somerset SnowFest will be taking place in February and they've lots of fun things planned!

family ice skating
Svetlana Khvorostova

The SnowFest is being put together by Main Street Skowhegan and Lake George Regional Park, in an effort to inspire folks to get outside and stay active during winter!

According to their website, there will be a number of winter activities scheduled to take place from February 18th through the 26th, that will encourage folks to enjoy everything the season has to offer. The events will be located in several spots, including  Lake George Regional Park East, Skowhegan Fairgrounds, the Lakewood Golf Course, and Weston Ave. Trailhead in Madison.

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"Featuring a range of activities including an ice-fishing derby, kite-flying derby, downhill kayak race, winter triathlon, and the Northeast’s only equestrian skijoring competition, this is a not-to-be-missed winter festival. SnowFest takes place in Somerset County, Maine, in the heart of the beautiful Kennebec River Valley."

Grandfather and granddaughter (12-14) making snow angels, smiling
Jochen Sand

Daily activities such as ice skating, sledding, and cross-country skiing will be taking place locally, at no charge.

Victoria Denisova
Victoria Denisova

Other, more specialized events such as the Kids Box Sled Derby, the Downhill Kayak race, the Kite Fest, the winter Triathalon, and horse-drawn sleigh rides will take place in different locations throughout the weekend.

Three kids lying down together on white snow, outdoors winter vacation

To check out a full schedule of events, you can click here.

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