To put it mildly, this guy isn’t a fan!

Most days, trolling social media can be a bit much honestly, but once in awhile, I just take a deep dive around TikTok, because sometimes you will see some pretty funny and amazing things.

Michael Ferrari recently posted a video about his love/hate relationship with the town of Skowhegan, or “Skowvegas” as it is sometimes known. In fairness, he is doing it all with a sense of humor, but it seems like he has an issue or two with the town in general.

In case you didn't know, Skowhegan is the county seat of Somerset County. In the 2020 census, the town population was 8,620. Skowhegan is well known for the annual Skowhegan State Fair, the oldest continuously-held state fair in the United States. Skowhegan was originally inhabited by the indigenous Abenaki people who named the area Skowhegan, meaning "watching place for fish"

The video has racked up about 38,000 views in the past few days. Check it out and find out why he calls Skowhegan, “The Cleveland, Ohio of Maine”

Naturally, people weighed in with their thoughts:

Ashley Elliot
The Cleveland Ohio of Maine

Visit North Anson, Maine

waterville, do watervillee

1) As a Native American who came to this small unfortunate town to visit family, I can concur everything in this video is accurate.

bro u didn't even touch on our great art work near the bridge

As a former Skowhegan person, god I wish they’d stop with Skowvegas

Brielle Bondeson

Do Madison, Maine the next town over

Kayla Adams
livermore falls

Fairfield bruh

Noah Gordon
do Madison you won’t be disappointed

Go to a barnyard weekend in the summer

Do Millinocket Maine

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