In case you don’t know the history of Gifford’s Ice Cream, the ice cream part started more than 40 years ago at a dairy farm in Skowhegan.

But that was preceded by the founders’ grandparents having a dairy farm and selling milk a century and a half before that.

And when they started making the ice cream the business took off enough that it quickly became their only venture.

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We’re up to date.  We all know about the Gifford’s Ice Cream Stands around Maine, and now beyond the state line too.

Video still from Maine Life Media
Video still from Maine Life Media

And the fact that we can buy it in various grocery stores, and convenience stores and order it in restaurants.

So what’s new?

After all these years, and more than a million cones sold at the stands, and more than two million purchases of packaged ice cream at grocery and convenience stores.

Photo by Dana DeVolk on Unsplash
Photo by Dana DeVolk on Unsplash

Here is what is next.

3 New Flavors

The limited edition seasonal flavors are


Apple Pie Churoo

and White Peppermint Chocolate Chip.

And for the first time, drum roll please, Gifford’s will sell pints of ice cream. No need to share anymore.  It’s all yours.  Grab your spoon and ‘have at it.’

The pint packages, and the 3 new fall flavors will be on the store shelves this month.

I had a grandmother who made her own ice cream on their dairy farm. Grandma, why didn’t you do what the Giffords have done?

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