There is nothing funny about ticks, but the boys give it a shot in their latest episode

Troy and Mark, are a couple of good ol' boys from the 207, who have a Facebook page and YouTube channel, that breaks down exactly what it is that make us Mainers "tick" And yes, that pun WAS intended!

I swear that in the last month, every social media post I see, is either about fiddleheads, or ticks (both equally gross in my opinion) I have scrolled by so many pictures of people either pulling ticks off their dogs, their kids, or themselves. They are nasty little buggers that are a real problem in Maine, and a bite from one can bring on some very unpleasant symptoms. With that in mind, if there is any humor to be drawn from these little creatures, the Welcome To Maine fellas would be the ones to do it.

Their unique brand of Maine comedy will be making a stop in Bangor. "Welcome to Maine: Live!" comes to the Bangor Arts Exchange, located at 193 Exchange Street, in Bangor, on Saturday, June 12th from 8-11 pm. Tickets are priced between $40-$80, and can be purchased at

Speaking of fiddleheads, that was the subject of their last video, more proof that 2021 in Maine, is they year of fiddleheads, and ticks. Ewwwwww!

If you get a kick out of these guys, they now have merch to buy! You can now purchase Welcome to Maine merchandise online: from shirts to hoodies to coffee mugs. You can find it all at

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