A fishing charter out of St. George was hosting an expedition recently when a Mako shark decided to crash the party and jump on the boat.

It Began As A Quiet Day of Fishing...

Sea Ventures Charters shared the scary video on Facebook that starts out looking like a great day of fishing. I love to fish, although my experience is limited to lakes and ponds, so I got excited like everyone else in this video when the mako originally jumps out of the water at the end of one person's fishing line. That's an awesome moment for a fisherman when you know you have a big one on the line. Turn up your speakers so you can hear everyone's cries of joy at seeing their friend grab a big shark. The shark moves through the water very fast, which is what makes Makos so dangerous.

Then All You-Know-What Breaks Loose

Warning - the next thing you'll hear is not suitable for work when the large Mako shark jumps onto the boat. I'm pretty sure it actually hits one of the guys as it flies out of the water, causing everyone on the boat to scramble to the upper deck. The fishing rod goes flying as the Mako flops violently on the deck.

Kudos to the Crew Who Kept Everyone Safe

According to the post, no one on the FV Lady Anne was hurt. The talented crew was able to measure and tag the shark before nudging it toward the transom door and off the vessel. I may be wrong, but I'm guessing those two guys on the back of the boat had never moved that fast before they encountered the flying Mako Shark.

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