Make doing your taxes this year a little easier with some FREE professional and help.

AARP of Maine has tons of volunteers that want to help you prepare your taxes.  All volunteers are trained tax preparers and want to make the process easy so all you have to do is relax and file.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

The AARP of Maine website describes the process and timeline of their volunteers: 

In January of each year, over 200 dedicated AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteers in Maine train and pass tests to become IRS-certified volunteer tax preparers. Then, from February 1 through April 15, these same volunteers staff over 70 Maine locations where they prepare and electronically file both federal and state income tax returns.

The service is truly free, also described as "no-strings-attached service".  Check out more information at their website and to find a Tax-Aide Site close to you.

For Bangor area residents, their will be a Tax-Aide Site at the Bangor Public Library now through April.  Sign up on the 1st floor in the Atrium and be aware that it is purely first come, first serve.  It is open to all ages and the schedule for the library will look like the following:

  • FEB: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10A - 5P 
  • MAR-APR: Wednesday, Thursday 10A - 5P

Check out more information on the Bangor Public Library website.

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