One thing that has made the holiday season a little more fun and festive in recent years is the Anah Shriner Feztival of Trees event.

It is in it's seventh year and we are looking forward to another tree packed event that will raise money for the Shriner's Hospitals for Children.

The event is open to the public and we the public have learned how to strategize the best outcomes for their benefit for THIS benefit.  It includes a little planning.

The Bangor Anah Shriners have released a floor plan of who the local businesses are that are donating items for their trees.  These items will be won through raffling.  Buy tickets at the event then place them in the bucket of the trees of your choosing.

Sometimes these trees can have thousands of dollars worth of items around and on them- all donated all to raise money for the Anah Shrine.

On Thursday, the Anah Shrines Feztival of Trees Facebook Page will have a Facebook Live of a walk through at noon of what to expect prior to the opening of the event.

This will be good for those that want a plan of attack because it can get pretty crowded.

The event starts this Thursday, November 15th at 4 PM and will go on through Sunday, November 25th.  For more details check out their Facebook event page.

For more information on the Anah Shrine of Bangor, check out their website.

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