Throughout history, there have many incredible combinations. Those combinations can be food related, something as simple as spaghetti and meatballs.That's pretty much perfection. There have been some great combos in music, maybe none better than Daryl Hall and John Oates. While those combinations are legendary, another combination spotted in a Maine parking lot recently probably doesn't quality as "great", but it sure is something.

Shared on Reddit by Ottobot76, a pair of cars parked next to each other in Skowhegan raised a few eyebrows. It really has nothing to do with the cars themselves, instead, it's those vanity plates that everyone in Maine loves so much. Individually, those vanity plates are mildly interesting on their own. But combined, they turn into the funniest thing you might see on the internet today.

I'm impossible to know simply from a photo whether this a planned attack on the inner immaturity of people strolling by. It may have been a simple coincidence, an act of fate where two ridiculous vanity plates come together to create a super vanity plate whose hilarity simply cannot be denied.

Kind of makes you wonder what would happen if there was some sort of "vanity plate festival", where people could unite and find their vanity plate soulmate. For now, we'll have to settle for this stroke of luck. Thank you Skowhegan, and thank you to the people who own these vehicles.

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