Now this is a fun way to spend a rainy Sunday in Bangor!

Flip Flops and Flips describe themselves in an interesting way on their YouTube Channel:

We are a family of resellers that are 100% committed to living this life on our terms. We chose the name Flip Flops and Flips because we wanted a name that would inspire us to reach our goal which is to create a travel based lifestyle where we are in control of our lives. The flip flops are a symbol of that freedom and the flips are how we intend to pay for this lifestyle. We are new to this platform.

In theory, it sounds pretty cool to be able to ditch the daily grind and take off on a whim, and it turns out they decided to visit the Queen City for a look at everything about Bangor, that the one and only Stephen King has made famous over the last several decades.

Their stops include Mt. Hope Cemetery, which of course is part of the inspiration for the classic "Pet Sematary". Thomas Hill Standpipe, the creepy sewer where Pennywise dwells in "IT", the iconic Paul Bunyan Statue, and of course, the legendary home on West Broadway. It all seems a little more perfect with the dark skies, and rain coming down during their visit.

If you want to take a more traditional visit to these areas, SK-Tours is the experience for lovers of all things King. You have probably seen their company vehicle driving around town, but do you know what they are all about? The owners remake the city of Bangor, into "Derry", the town depicted in the film "IT' And it also stops by all of the sites that "Flip Flops and Flips" checked out over the weekend. They do a first-rate job!

Stephen King Through The Years

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