Daylight Saving Time: I've found people either love it or hate it. And often, folks forget that it's even happening!

I can't tell you how many times I've been late to church or a breakfast date on a Sunday morning, over the years, thanks to forgetting about Daylight Saving Time myself.

And then there's the argument on how to correctly say it: Daylight Savings or Saving Time? (The latter is actually correct.)

I'm actually someone who looks forward to falling back every year. I don't care if it doesn't make sense to take part in it anymore.

As someone who never seems to have enough time in the day to get done what I need to get done (especially sleep!) I am so happy when fall comes, and we all trick our brains in to thinking we've been gifted another hour to rest, or be productive. I will happily take part in that lie!

If there were greeting cards for Falling Back, I would send them out. Heck, if we hadn't just come straight off of Halloween, I'd throw a Fall Back party!

I lived in Arizona for a year, and they don't take part in this "holiday" at all. There's a reason I don't live there anymore. (Kidding, there are actually several reasons, but not falling back was on my list!) I am not, however, a fan of Sprining Ahead, but will tolerate it, if it means we get to "add an hour" in the fall.

This is one of my favorite days/nights of the year...and its based on the concept of fooling oneself about time. I don't even care if that's jacked up! What I do care about it how jacked up my kids have been lately, and how this gives my mind the impression that I get to put them to bed an hour earlier. Conversely, this is why all parents loathe the other end of this equation, in the Spring!

Falling Back is bliss in my book!

Which brings us to this weekend! Yes, its time! So don't forget to set those clocks back Sunday night!  How will you be "spending your extra hour?" Wisely, I hope!

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