The Ellsworth High School Athletics Facebook page shared a special performance from a pep rally last week featuring the EHS Unified Cheerleaders that will make your heart smile.

Check out this special performance from the group.

Post info:

EHS Unified Cheerleaders: Emma, Tanner and Kate performed their routine at the pep rally on Friday.

Unified sports in Maine are a partnership between the Maine Principals Association and Special Olympics Maine.  The program started with unified Basketball in 2015 and describes the program as:

[The unified sports program] partners students with developmental disabilities (Unified Student Athlete) with students without developmental disabilities (Unified Student Partners) to train, compete, and represent their school.  Unified Sports impacts all kinds of students and helps promote physical activity, teamwork, sportsmanship, and social inclusion.


According to the Special Olympics Maine website there are a number of sports included in this program for children with and without disabilities in our area, including Unified basketball, bocce, candlepin bowling, 10 pin bowling, flag football, golf, soccer, softball, and cheer leading.

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